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Only Ours - NZ/AU Only

When Dan and Luke meet through their best friends, sparks fly immediately. The good kind.


For Dan, it’s an interesting new development. He hasn’t been attracted to a boy before … but this guy is gorgeous.


For Luke, who’s still putting his life back together after a terrible accident, it’s terrifying.


With four hours distance between them, neither of them thinks anything will happen anyway.


Until they spend a weekend together that could change everything.


But how can Luke move on from his past when he's afraid of being broken again?


And can Dan support Luke, along with everyone else in his life, without losing himself?


Does their fledgling relationship even stand a chance?

Only Ours - NZ/AU Only

Releasing August 14th, 2024
  • Paperback edition of Only Ours.


    For more than four copies, or if you'd like a price other international destinations, please email

    For signed/personalised copies, please select the option and add any personalisation notes in the section provided

  • This book contains descriptions of mental health struggles, in particular depression, and references to suicide.

    There are also references to a serious spinal injury that occured off-page.

    If you are concerned about any of the content of the book and would like more information, please reach out.

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