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The Stars Burn Bright

A sweet, swoony YA romance about discovering and celebrating your worth.


Essie’s looking forward to summer.

It means months of dedicating herself to her sewing business while her parents are busy working. Sure her jerk of a brother is home from university, but he’s mostly working too, so it’s easy to stay out of his way.

She can be herself, whoever she wants to be - without expectation or judgement.

It’s going to be amazing.


Until Jackson Sherwood is in need of a place to stay. 

Jax is her brother’s childhood best friend and she has no time for the smug jerk who’s always smirking at her - like he’s so much better than her.

Jax’s intrusion on her life has ruined all her summer plans but as their situation forces them to spend time together Essie learns a hidden side of Jax and at the same time learns about herself - who she is, where she fits in the world and what she’s willing to stand up for.

The Stars Burn Bright

  • Epub version of The Stars Burn Bright

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